Clear Mirror LED Lighted, Heated Fog-Free Shower Mirror

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Imagine this heated and lighted mirror glowing softly in your morning shower, while you shave or remove your makeup in the warmth of the shower. The mirror installs flush to the tile adding a luxurious look to your shower. It's heated and LED-lighted with 5,300° Kelvin daylight LEDs and remains fogless even in the steamiest of showers or even steam rooms, allowing clear vision of the smallest details.

The way it works is that there's a low-voltage electrical mirror defogger that adheres to the rear of the mirror, warming it, and keeping it condensation-free. Can you be "zapped"? Not with the Shower Clear Mirror. The heating element operates on a 24 Volt low voltage system, so it's perfectly safe. It's UL approved and C-UL approved plus tested to CSA international standards - triple assurance of the safe design. The design is installed in the wall to be flush with the tile surface. The ShowerLite ClearMirror carries five-year manufacturer's replacement Warranty against product defects. Two sizes: 12" x 12", or 24" x 12".

The ShowerLite ClearMirror is shipped complete with a 24-volt transformer, clear installation diagrams, detailed instructions and an installation template.

  • 1x non-magnifying.
  • Eliminates condensation.
  • 120-volt plug in, and low 24 volt mirror operation for safety - 3-minutes to heat up.
  • 24-Volt Transformer Included.
  • UL, C-UL, and CSA approved; safe low-voltage operation.
  • Template and instructions included.
  • 12" x 12" or 24" x 12".
  • 5-Year manufacturer's warranty.
Installation Instructions

Clear Mirror Shower-Lite Installation Instructions

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