Borrow a Finish Board - Refundable Deposit

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Borrow a finish board with 20 of the most-often-ordered Miroir Brot finishes in the actual metals.
  • We will lend you the finish board with 20 of the most frequently ordered Miroir Brot finishes in the actual metals. The board is 8.25" x 11.75" and each metal medallion has a 1.125" diameter.
  • Here's the routine:
  •     1. YOU order the Finish Board for $50.
  •     2. WE send the board to you with a return label enclosed - shipped out the same or next business day.
  •     3. YOU return the finish board to us within 14 days, using the supplied return label.
  •     4. WE refund the first $25 on receipt and inspection.  The $25 we keep so far, covers the cost of shipping up-and-back.
  •     5. YOU order a mirror made by Miroir Brot, Keuco, Electric Mirror, or Kimball & Young. - all shipped FREE.
  •     6. WE refund the "other" $25.
  • In other words: FREE if you order - $25 if you don't order.
  • Conditions: For a refund, the board must be returned in condition similar condition to which it was sent, and within 14 days of receipt.
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