Gentleman's Foundry Diplomat Geranium & French Clay Soap for Men - a Cellular Skin Treatment

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Green French clay is the key ingredient in Gentleman's Foundry Diplomat Soap.  It exfoliates, removing dead skin while it promotes circulation in the new, healthy cells.  Toxins and impurities are removed while at the same time tone is improved and pores are tightened.  Coconut oil is in the bar, working to penetrate and condition the hair - suitable for beards.  Its companion is Diplomat Beard Oil.

To use:
Lather with hands, then apply the lather to the face and/or body - rinse thoroughly.
  • Saponified Palm, Coconut and Olive Oils
  • Essential Oils
  • French Green Clay
  • Diplomat Geranium & French Clay Soap treats the skin at the cellular level.
  • Certified French clay is used - an excellent detoxification agent.
  • Dead skin is removed as pores are tightened.
  • Impurities and toxins are removed while the soap bar moisturizes and teats flaking and dryness.
  • 3.75 oz.

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