Jerdon 5x/1x Reversible Tri-Fold Fluorescent Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror with 4 Light Settings

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The Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror is a bathroom and makeup mirror with cool-to-the-touch fluorescent lighting that will fit easily on your counter or your dresser. &bnsp;The magnification can be changed from 1x to 5x in the center mirror. The side mirrors are 1x and don't reverse - while the fluorescent lighting has settings to simulate a four different lighting conditions. &bnsp;The mirror is designed in brilliant white to fit into your home decor and the mirror has an adjustable stand that folds flat for easy storage or to easily pack for travel. &bnsp;The center mirror is reversible with 5x magnification on one side and no magnification (1x) on the opposite side. &bnsp;The side mirrors adjust to give you a wide range of viewing angles. &bnsp;Lighting is fluorescent with adjustable colors to simulate lighting for daylight conditions, as well as home, office, or evening. &bnsp;This is a small mirror. The overall "un-folded" dimensions are 12.75" Wide x 10.75" High x 3.75" Deep.

Make sure every hair and detail of your make up is correct with this versatile make up mirror.

  • Jerdon small tri-fold mirror. 5x Magnification center mirror reverses to 1x - no magnification. Side mirrors are 1x. Sparkling white finish.
  • Four color fluorescent lighting settings: daytime, evening, office, home.
  • Overall dimenionss are 12.75" Wide x 10.75" High x 3.75" Deep. Center mirror: 8" High x 6" Wide. Side Mirrors: 7.25" High x 4" Wide.
  • Side mirrors adjust for a panoramic view. Folds flat for easy travel or storage.
  • Front outlet provided for a hair dryer, phone charger, curling iron, etc. UL listed, US and Canada. 1-Year manufacturer's warranty.
About Jerdon

Jerdon was founded in the latter half of the 20th Century - in the 1970's.  Although originally intended to serve the demands and needs of the hotel industry, the Jerdon Company evolved over the years to become a leading manufacturer and distributor of luxury beauty appliances and luxury bath products for the home.  The company is now called Jerdon Style which reflects its inspiration of elegance, relaxation, luxury and high quality.  Jerdon Style makeup mirrors are still found in the finest hotels as well as in cruise lines and luxury resorts all over the world.

Jerdon vanity makeup mirrors are perfect for both home and travel purposes, while Jerdon wall-mounted mirrors are perfect for the home.  The important parameters of beauty products include excellent lighting and magnification and both can be found in Jerdon's makeup mirrors; having earned Jerdon the Good Housekeeping award for the best overall makeup mirror.  Jerdon's microfiber spa robes featured by Martha Stewart and The Wall Street Journal have helped solidify Jerdon's leading place in the beauty and specialty bath industries.

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