JVD Eclips Flat Arm 3x Square Wall-Mount Makeup Mirror - Polished Chrome

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JVDs Eclips wall-mounted makeup mirror (cosmetic mirror, makeup mirror) with a flat pivoting arm brings you 3x Magnification in a 7.1" x 7.1" Square mirror format. The flat pivoting arm lends a solid appearance and pivots at the mounting plate, the rear of the mirror, and vertically at the vertical double bracket. Notice that there's no ball joint to slip or wear out it has been replaced by the double pivoting bracket. The construction of this mirror is of superior quality - Polished Chrome plating over solid Brass. The flat arm adjusts easily to your correct personal viewing angle. Designed, and beautifully made in France, the mirror is shipped FREE, by air express directly to you in about 10 days.
  • JVD Eclips Square Mirror is a wall-mounted non-lighted 3x Magnification Vanity, Makeup, or Cosmetic mirror with a solid looking, modern, flat pivot arm.
  • The construction of the mirror includes heavy chrome plating over a solid brass frame, and the tubular arm looks sleek.
  • The arm pivots at the base, the knuckles, and behind the mirror. It's easy to adjust to the perfect personal viewing angle. And there's flimsy ball joint to wear out, but rather a double-support vertical pivot rack at the rear.
  • The mirror has an overall maximum extension of 9.1" while the mirror section itself is 7.1" x 7.1" square, and the overall height is 7.7". Finished in Polished Chrome.
  • CE Approved, and with a 2-year Manufacturer's warranty. Repair by the manufacturer available for 10 years. Designed and made in France and shipped FREE directly to you via air express in about 10 days.
French Design and Manufacture

From Designer Jean-Guy de Russé

Les miroirs nous invitent à rentrer dans une nouvelle dimension. La fonction grossissante d’un miroir nous permet de rentrer dans un nouvel univers où tout est plus grand. J’ai voulu que ce voyage nous emmène encore plus loin et j’ai conçu ce miroir en m’inspirant d’une soucoupe volante. J’ai intégré un « moteur » révolutionnaire avec un fonctionnement sur batterie unique sur le marché. J’ai structuré l’ensemble autour d’une base chrome à laquelle j’ai ajouté une couronne de lumière à l’image de l’anneau de Saturne. Et enfin, j’ai ajouté un interrupteur capacitif presque magique. - Jean-Guy de Russé


Mirrors invite us to enter a new dimension. The magnifying function of a mirror allows us to enter into a universe where everything is bigger. I wanted this voyage to take us even further, so I drew inspiration from flying saucers in designing this mirror. I added a revolutionary battery operated mechanism, unique on the market. I structured the whole thing around a chrome base, to which I added a ring of light like the ones around Saturn. And lastly, I added an almost magical capacity switch. - Jean-Guy de Russé

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