JYD Hollywood Style Makeup Mirror - use Wall Mounted or Free-Standing

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Hollywood style makeup mirror is an excellent addition to your dressing area. It's bright at 1120 Lumens with LED lighting that will last a virtual lifetime. The LED coloring is adjustable from 3,000k; normal indoor lighting, to office lighting in the 4,000k area, and ultimately to 6,500k, the color of white daylight. Additionally the LEDs are infinitely dimmable. Controls are touch-sensitive sensors on the face of the mirror - On/Off, Dimming, and LED color. the mirror glass is copper-free corrosion resistant and shatter-protected. There's a USB port on the side - convenient for charging a phone or other device. Use the mirror as a free-standing mirror or hang it in a horizontal or vertical orientation.
  • JYD's Hollywood style mirror is brightly lit with 50,000 hour LEDs. The LEDs are switchable from 3000k/3500k normal room light, to 4000k/4500k office lighting, to 6000k/6500k blue sky dayllight, and the lighting is infinitely dimmable.
  • All controls are by touch sensors on the face of the mirror: Power, Dimming and LED color. There's also a USB outlet on the side of the mirror for you to charge a phone or other device.
  • The LEDs operates on low voltage (12 volts) via the included AC adapter. The luminosity of the bright lighting maxes out at 1120 Lumens - very bright. The bulbs are rated at 50,000 hours but if you should ever need a replacement they're G48 bulbs, commonly available.
  • The mirror itself can be wall-mounted or used as a free-standing mirror. And for wall mounting, the mirror can be hung in both horizontal and vertical arrangements. The mirror is 25.6" x 21.7" including the base which is 5.5" deep.
  • The mirror glass is silver-backed for crisp, bright, imagry, and the mirror glass comprises 4 layers - copper-free for corrosion resistance and shatter protection similar to auto windshields.
  • Looks great, works great, and long-lasting. CE Approved. (CE means the mirror passes strict European Union safety standards)

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