JYD's Backlit LED Mirror Plugs-In to a GFI Outlet - no Electrician Required

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At last - from JYD, a backlit mirror that doesn't need an electrician. Hang it up and plug it in. That's it! But don't be fooled by the simplistic statement, this is a full-featured backlit mirror. It has touch sensor controls on the front face of the mirror; On/Off and LED Color, Dimming, and De-fogging via the built-in defogger system. Brightness maxes out at 2,600 Lumens - powerful. LED color is adjustable in 3 steps from 3,000k-3,500k - normal indoor lighting, to 4,000-4,500k - office lighting, to 6,000k-6,500k - white daylight. The mirror is CE approved which means it meets rigid EU safety standards. Note: The mirror has a 3-prong grounded plug and should be plugged into a GFI outlet.
  • Mounted horizontally or hertically, JYD's Backlit mirror plugs in! Yes, no hardwire installation and no electrician and no ripping up walls. Just hang it appropriately and plug it in to a GFI outlet with it's grounded 3-prong plug.
  • The LEDs are switchable from 3000k/3500k normal room light, to 4000k/4500k office lighting, to 6000k/6500k blue sky dayllight, and the lighting is infinitely dimmable. The luminosity of the bright lighting maxes out at 2,600 Lumens - in other words, very bright.
  • The LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours - or 45 years of 3 hour daily operation. All controls are by touch sensors on the face of the mirror: Power and LED Color/Dimming/Defogging.
  • Dimensions: 23.6" x 31.5" x 1.2" Deep - portrait or landscape mounting is easily achieved. The mirror glass is silver-backed for crisp, bright, imagry, and the mirror glass comprises 4 layers - copper-free for corrosion resistance and shatter protection similar to auto windshields.
  • As a backlit mirror, it can't be beat sericability or good looks. CE Approved. (CE means the mirror passes strict European Union safety standards)

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