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Eye Restore™ comprises organic active oils at 98% concentration with 2% other pure natural ingredients.  Following the suggested amount, 100% of the product is usable by the skin and will be absorbed, leaving no residue.  When used as recommended Eye Restore™ will last six to nine months.

This treatment helps maintain bright, youthful-looking eyes and lids while imparting a rested glow.  It's accomplished through the the the unique antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory characteristics of the formula.  Better beauty sleep and total circadian recovery are both promoted.  Eye Restore™ contains sesame oil and powerful carotenes to protect the skin from wrinkles and premature againg.  Only the highest Ecocert, vegan, and cruelty-free materials are used.
To use:
Apply first after washing at night.  Apply only 1 drop per eye for both upper and lower lid.  Can also be used during the day, in which case use only 1 drop for both eyes on lower lid only.
  • Relieves fatigue and tension in the surrounding eye area. Helps diminish fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.
  • Helps restore the appearance of younger-looking eyes, by bringing freshness and elasticity to the eyelid area with strong antioxidants.
  • Relieves fatigue and tension in the surrounding eye area and penetrates the skin easily.
  • 98% Organic and 2% pure natural active oils maintain the purity, freshnes, and beneficial properties of this remarkably nutritive oil. Wrinkle.
  • Shipped FREE i n 24 hours in protective packaging. Wrinkle keratin booster for eyes - Ingredients: Proprietary Circadian Actives™ .67 fl. oz.
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