THALGO Indoceane Precious Milk Bath 6-Pack

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Tensions seem to disappear as the Thalgo Indoceane Precious Milk Bath transforms the bath relaxing milkiness.  Immersing the body in the relaxing powdery scent relaxes the body in its delicious milky-aroma sugar-bath effervescence.

To use:
Use 1 Indocéane Precious Milk Bath sugar into the bath water at about 100° F. Light Indoceane Candle and relax. Completely.

Active Ingredients:
  • Effervescent sugar - to transform water to a milky bath
  • Chlorella algae - relaxes
  • THALGO Indoceane Precious Milk Bath, Made in France.
  • 6-Pack gives you six delicious sensuous bathing experiences.
  • Relax in powdery scents where tension disappears and skin recovers its softness.
  • Contains Chlorella algae - to relax you.
  • 6-Pack

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