THALGO MCEUTIC Normalizer Cream-Serum - Cleanses and Rebalances

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Thalgo MCEUTIC Normalizer Cream-Serum is very powerful.  It is highly concentrated and fundamentally re-balances the quality of the skin.  It's high concentration of Neo-Skin technology is combined with Marine Mesolift for excellent penetration.  It targets physiological imbalances thereby cleansing the skin while it significantly refine's the skin's texture, tightens the pores, and is effective in reducing even the most severe imperfections.  You'll enjoy skin that's smoother to the touch and visibly cleaner.  The purity and balance of the skin is restored.

To use:
Apply morning and evening to the face and neck.  Avoid the eye contour areas, and avoid the lips.

Active Ingredients:
  • Patented Marine Mesolift (3%) encapsulated bio-spheres - optimum infusion, unmatched bioavailability; boosts cell metabolism and preserves youthful skin
  • Patented Neo-Skin (6%) - restores skin quality
  • Anti-blemish complex:
    • Synovea El (5%) - restores healthy skin lipid composition on the surface
    • Totarol (0.1%) - powerful antimicrobial action
  • Thalgo MCEUTIC Normalizer Cream-Serum - re-balances skin quality.
  • Boosts cell metabolism to preserve youthful skin, restoring skin quality.
  • Optimal penetration is achieved with Highly concentrated Neo-Skin technology and Marine Mesolift.
  • Restores visibly cleaner skin that's smoother to the touch.
  • 1.69 fl. oz.  Made in France.

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