THALGO Silicium Anti-Aging Foundation - 3 Shades

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Thalgo Silicium Anti-Aging Foundation is offered in three shades:
•&nbsp Opal for very fair skin.  (Replaces Silicium Anti-Aging Foundation - Opal VT14022)
•&nbsp Natural for fair skin.  (Replaces Silicium Anti-Aging Foundation - Natural VT14023)
•&nbsp Amber for darker skin tones.  (Replaces BB Cream Perfect Glow - Golden VT12020)

In any shade it will impart a skin tone that's natural looking in every light.  It has strong anti-aging action that is attuned to the specialized needs of mature skin - making it gradually appear velvety-soft, smoother, and firmer.  The texture is indulgent and the formulation is rich in both redensifying marine silicium and super-hydrating hyaluronic acid.  There are also radiance-enhancing pigments that provide optical correction for wrinkles and other skin imperfections.  Skin will remain smooth all day and the complexion will appear flawless.

To use:
Shake before use. Gently warm the foundation in the hands then apply to the forehead, cheeks, and neck, "stretching" the foundation working from the middle of the face to the outside while using slightly upward motions.  For those areas where more pronounced imperfections may occur, apply an extra bit and gently pat in. Remove at the end of the day.

Active Ingredients:
  • Marine Silicium - activates the neo-synthesis of the support fibers; works actively on the organization of the 3-dimensional architecture of the dermis
  • Hyaluronic acid - instant filler effect
  • Radiance-enhancing powders (2 soft-focus micro-particles) provide instant smoothing effect to optically erase the appearance of wrinkles
  • 4 ultra-fine mineral pigments - recreate a complexion as close as possible to the natural shade of the skin
  • Amino acid (plant origin) - holds and retains water; creates greater affinity between the pigments and the skin for perfect coverage
  • Thalgo Silicium Anti-Aging Foundation - specially formulated for the specialized needs of mature skin.
  • Contains haluronic acid for superb moisturizing and redensifying marine silicium.
  • Instantly smooths the skin with 2 soft-focus micro-particles - erases optically, the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Plant-based amino acid retains water creating "magnetism" between the pigment and the skin for perfect coverage.
  • 1.01 fl. oz.  Made in France.

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