Winter Serum Complex

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Winter Serum Complex is effective in improving sky hydration for the winter season and protects protects the skin against winter environmental stressors as well.  This specialized, unique formula uses a some of the highest Ecocert, Natural, and Non-animal tested raw materials which will give you winter seasonal benefits.  It has the highest concentration of all the Seasonal Skincare products at 43.40% active ingredients.  All of the product is usable (100%) by the skin and when used as suggested will leave no residue.  It should last three months.  This hydrating treatment provides a full 24-hours of protection and comfort from seasonal stressors like extreme cold and artificial heat, indoors.  Proprietary Seasonal Actives™ sourced from Antarctica prevent premature aging, and improve the skin's hydration capacity and overall well-being.

Replete's Winter Serum Complex has both immediate and progressive moisturizing effects.  It provides long-term cellular hydration and promotes a reestablishment of the skin barrier function, corroborated by the reduction and by the increase in the expression of envelope proteins.  It also has has a widely based mechanism to keep water balance in the skin.  Replete's proprietary active ingredients are formulated to increase melanin synthesis, thereby improving the skin's natural healthy glow and enhancing the skin's feel.  One of the great benefits of the Winter Serum Complex is that it provides an immediate and a long-lasting moisturizing effect to the skin as well as an instant improvement in wrinkle appearance, in the same way that Hyaluronic Acid does.  The proprietary formula clinically reduces signs of aging, sagging, and wrinkles; improves firmness, elasticity, and the jaw-line contour.  It provides a virtually complete remodeling effect with outstanding results on different areas of the face.  The formula is oil-free and delivers powerful Peptides and rich Seaweed nutrients for the winter season while providing excellent benefits for smooth and improved skin resilience.  It increases natural healthy glow and gives you skin radiance balance.  Winter Serum Complex improves moisturization to your skin.  This formulation was designed with a high-potency blend of Seasonal Actives sourced from all around the world.

Each Replete seasonal serum is unique for Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer.  Each one directly addresses the systems' vital needs in response to the skin's environment.  The serums are rich in anti-oxidants that improve skin tone; seaweed nutrients that stimulate cellular renewal; and powerful peptides to protect against UV damage while enhancing the skin's natural UV defenses.  Replete is not only ecosafe but minimally plastic-pollution oriented because of concentrates of ingredients and bio-actives of up to 99% in a single package that other companies dilute into 1% per package thus creating 99 plastic packages instead of one!
To use:
Wash with Deep Clean Restore then apply immediately in a thin layer over face, neck and chest.  Instead of washing hands after appllying rub the remaining serum into the backs of your hands.
  • Super-concentrated serum with 43.4% active ingredients promotes optimal moisture retention within skin cells.
  • Boosts radiance and cell resilience through increased collagen synthesis.
  • Helps prevent and reduce the appearance of premature lines, wrinkles and sagging.
  • Enhances cellular rejuvenation and restores skin's vibrancy. Strengthens the outer layer of the skin.
  • Shipped FREE within 24 hours in special protective packaging. With proper use should last for three months. 1 fl. oz.
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The Seasonal Complexes

The Replete™ Seasonal Skin Care Collection>

We change our wardrobes all year long; as it gets hot, then cool, cold, and warm again.  It's a natural progression of the seasons.  And we change with the seasons.  Indeed, even our skin changes with each season, in response to the job it needs to do and in appearance.

The common factor in every season is sunlight and the manner in which our skin responds to it.  Replete Seasonal Serums™ are design with their primary purpose to allow our skin to safely interact with sunlight.  They keep what we don't need or want out, and at the same time permitting the elements we do need to enter in an nourish the skin.  We need sunlight - our bodies interact with sunlight to get vitamins, minerals and natural nutrients unavailable from any other source.  Synthetic sunscreens prevent us from receiving what our bodies naturally need, not permitting our skin to receive the vital nutrients and benefits of sunlight.

Replete Seasonal Complexes are designed to deliver to your skin, the vital nutrients it needs for each season; spring, summer, fall and winter.

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