Announcing Shunly Products

Shunly Skin Care

 Reflect Perfection is happy to announce our recent association with Shunly Skin Care products.  You can find the complete product line here.

Shunly is proud of its creation of exclusively research-backed solutions that have been meticulously developed with the purpose of creating visible, positive differences in the appearance of the skin. 

Only the highest quality ingredients, made in the USA, are used.  All ingredients are free from animal cruelty, parabens, and the products are vegan friendly.  Additionally, there's no big assembly-line production and months of inventory sitting on shelves.  Shunly produces small batches frequently to ensure you receive fresh ingredients that deliver maximum results.  And Shunly doesn't spend money and waste time on fancy and expensive packaging designs.  Instead the budget is directed toward attention to detail, top-quality ingredients, and most importantly, quality and freshness of product.

 Some things to consider when choosing a care product:

  • The quality of the active ingredients in the product.
  • Backed by scientific principles and research.
  • Free from animal testing.
  • Free from PABA, gluten, mineral oils, fragrances, and vegan friendly.
  • Non-comedogenic formulations that don't clog pores; antioxidant, anti-pollution, and anti-inflammatory.
  • Products that are made in the USA and suitable for aesthetic and clinical procedures.

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