Repairs:  We do not repair mirrors.  Electrical repairs are usually simple enough to be accomplished by anybody reasonably handy.  Broken metal parts are not usually available - see below.

Kimball & Young mirrors - special note:  For older Kimball & Young mirrors that have a sticker with a model number beginning with "KE", there is nothing whatsoever available.

L.E.D. mirrors: In most circumstances LED strips cannot be replaced.  At times the LEDs are encased in glass or plastic to look like a light bulb.  These can sometimes be replaced.

Light Bulbs:  We do not sell light bulbs.

How to Buy and Replace a Light Bulb:

  1.      Remove the screws around the metal surrounding the mirror glass.
  2.      Remove the bulb and find the numbers on the bulb.  They could be anywhere and they could be tiny and faint.  You may need a magnifying glass to see them.  The numbers could be on the glass or on the base.
  3.      Do an internet search using the numbers exactly as printed, including any hyphens. or or other websites should be able to supply a replacement.

Broken Mirror Lens or Glass:  Generally, replacement glass is not available except for specific mirror models from three manufacturers.

  •       Kimball & Young - Click for availability.
  •       Keuco - contact us for information.
  •       Mirroir Brot (The French Reflection) - contact us for information.

Metal Parts:  There are a few metal parts available from Keuco and from Miroir Brot.  NONE OTHER.  Please contact us with the model number if you can find it, the approximate age of the mirror, and photos of the front and back of the mirror.


Can You Convert your Plug-In mirror to a Hardwired? Yes, but...

Our customers sometimes ask whether they can convert their plug-in wall-mounted makeup mirror to a hardwired mirror.  The answer is "Yes, but..."

Here's the "But..."

  • If not done properly according to electrical codes and with proper grounding, the conversion can result in a dangerous condition, exposing the user to painful and possibly deadly electrical shock.
  • The warranty is voided.
  • There may not be room in the base of a plug-in mirror, for the required electrical connections necessary for hard-wiring.
  • Hardwired mirrors have bases with mounting holes designed to align with standard electrical boxes.  Plug-in mirrors usually lack similarly aligned mounting holes, adding significant complication to the conversion.

Our recommendation:  Don't do it.