Mirror Luxe Mercury 35" Square Heated LED Bathroom Mirror with Front and Back Lighting

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The "Mercury" LED Mirror by Mirror Luxe is a 35" square bathroom mirror with an LED strip surrounding the front face, and with back lighting, also by LEDs. This remarkable mirror enhances your bathroom decor and delivers an array of features. Gently illuminating your bathroom, front and back, this mirror also has a built-in night light that adds a subtle glow, that creates a soothing atmosphere during nocturnal visits. The integral heating element for the mirror face keeps your mirror fog-free during and after hot steamy showers. Face-of-mirror touch controls provide for ease of setting adjustment. A quick touch of the control turns the mirror on or off, while a long press activates the dimmer, letting you set up the perfect ambiance. The power-off memory control is automatic and "remembers" the settings you've adjusted when you turn the mirror off. When you come back, be it minutes or hours or days later, the mirror will remember your exact personal setup when you turn it on. Installation is not complicated and there are options for both plug-in and hardwire setups. Clear and complete instructions are included to guide you through the process seamlessly. Upgrade your bathroom with the "Mercury" Bathroom LED Mirror by Mirror Luxe it's a combination of innovation and style.
  • Mirror Luxe Mercury 35" square LED Bathroom Mirror font and back lit, is medium sized and in addition to it's other features sports a built-in night light.
  • The LED strip embedded near the perimiter provides 30,000 hours of LEDs that can be dimmed at any level, own to zero. You can set the exact ambiance you desire in your bathroom.
  • Brightly illuminated with LEDs putting out 4,000 Lumens at 40 Watts. A built-in de-mister will keep the mirror warm during a shower, keeping it clear and fog-free.
  • The mirror glass is top-notch, copper-free, teempered, and with a six layer copper-free matrix keeping the glass corrosion free and safe. Plug it in or have it hardwired.
  • A Power-Off Memory Control "remembers" your last settings. Return to the mirror minutes or hours later and turn it on, your personal settings are where you left them. 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty included.

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