Krugg Reflections Svange LED 4-Bay Medicine Cabinet w/ Dimmers & Defoggers -2 Sizes

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The Krugg Mega LED Medicine Cabinet boasts a harmonious blend of design elements, featuring cutting-edge lighting technology to offer a functional yet luxurious storage solution for your bathroom. The LED border emits a modern glow that catches the eye from afar, while the face and body enjoy an unparalleled dispersion of light up close. The mirror face integrates a revolutionary touch icon for seamless on/off toggling and dimming with memory functionality, making it effortless to use. Open the lighted section cabinets to discover a full range of amenities, including 3x magnified, LED-lit Makeup Mirrors on the inside of the mirrored doors, perfect for shaving or for detailed makeup application. The mirrored interiors are illuminated automatically for a touch of luxury, while wide-angle hinges provide freedom of motion and panorama. The 2+2 smart outlet features two traditional outlets and two USB interfaces, ensuring your beauty tools, smartphone, or tablet are always within reach. With active defogging technology, reliable after-shower optical clarity is guaranteed. The LED Medicine Cabinet offers energy-saving lighting that provides functional and inviting light ambiance for up to 50,000 hours, making it perfect for makeup and hair and allowing you to see your true colors. It can be either recessed or surface mounted and is limited only by your imagination. This exclusive product is easy to operate, thanks to its touch sensor dimmers, and with a built-in defoggers, to keep your mirrors clear and free from condensation.
  • Krugg "Svange" Quad Medicine Cabinet, in 4 sections including 2 LED secitions "outboard" with inset lit LED 3ex makeup mirrors, and automatic LED lighting inside.
  • LED Lighting at 6,000k (daylight) with a CRI of 90+. Lit sections include interior 15 Amp electrical outlet and 2 USB ports. Integrated heating mechanisms keep the mirrors clear and fog-free.
  • The quality mirrors are polished-edged and 5mm pure silver backed, copper-free. Mirroring is present on both sides of the doors and the cabinet rear.
  • Doors are hinged Left, Left, and Right, Right. In other words, they open from the center. 3 shelves in the 36" High cabinets, and 4 shelves in the 42" high cabinets.
  • Recessed or Surface mount - mirrored side panels included for surface mounted installations. Installation Hardware included. Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty. (1-Year Warranty for Commercial Use) Conforms to UL Std. 962 and CSA Std. C22.2 No 250.0-08.
  • Note: We don't have images of every size in every combination. Some images show the configuration rather than the size indicated by the selected Option. When ordering, rely on the Option text, not the image.

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84" x 42" High

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