Keuco Black Collection 5x Cosmetic Mirror - Matte Black

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Made in Germany
The Keuco Plan Series wall-mounted makeup mirror in Matte Black, matches the numerous other Black Collection and Plan series bathroom hardware. Magnification power is 5x, and reversible to 1x. The mirror diameter is a relatively large 7.63", plus there's a handle beneath the mirror for manipulation of the mirror in three dimensions, without leaving fingerprint smudges on the glass.
  • Keuco Plan Series now includes this 5x wall-mounted Make Up mirror finished in Matte Black.
  • Reversible mirror has 5x magnification on one side and normal (1x) magnification on the other side.
  • Pivoting arm and the mirror is adjustable in three dimensions. A handle beneath the mirror itself allows for fingerprint-smudge-free positioning.
  • The mirror diameter is 7.63" and the pivoting arm reaches to 10.5". The overall height is 12" from the bottom of the manipulating handle to the top of the mirror.
  • Made in Germany.

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