Mirror Luxe Hera 60" LED Heated Bathroom Mirror

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The exquisite "Hera" Bathroom LED Mirror by Mirror Luxe, a true embodiment of sophistication and practicality seamlessly united in one stunning design. Step into a realm of refined functionality where every detail has been meticulously crafted to redefine your daily routine. Radiating a gentle luminosity, this mirror effortlessly incorporates a discreet night light that casts a soft, enchanting glow, transforming your bathroom into a haven of tranquility during nighttime moments. The mirror's visage is graced with a front-facing display, elegantly presenting both the time and temperature an elegant fusion of aesthetics and information at your fingertips. Navigate through an array of features with the mirror's sleek touch controls, subtly displayed d within the mirror's reflective surface. These intuitive controls empower you to effortlessly customize settings, seamlessly adapting the mirror to your preferences. Among its ingenious functionalities, a demisting feature delicately warms the mirror's surface, warding off condensation even during the most indulgent showers. There's on/off/dimmer function, accessible through a graceful touch. A gentle press awakens or gently lulls the mirror's radiance, while a prolonged touch bestows you the ability to orchestrate the luminance to your exact liking. Elevate your self-reflection experience by selecting from tow LED hues from the gentle warmth reminiscent of classic light bulbs or the invigorating brilliance of the natural radiance akin to daylight. There's also an automatic power-off memory control, an ingenious feature that harmonizes with your routines. Your chosen settings, an intricate symphony of luminance and functionality, are safeguarded within the mirror's memory. When you rekindle its radiance, the mirror gracefully reenacts your preferred configuration, immersing you in a seamless continuum of personalized illumination. Enrich your surroundings effortlessly, as installation offers versatility through both plug-in and hardwired options. Accompanying instructions serve as your compass, guiding you through the installation journey with clarity and precision. Unveil a new echelon of bathroom luxury with the "Hera" Bathroom LED Mirror by Mirror Luxe an opulent testament to the marriage of innovation and aesthetics, thoughtfully curated to redefine your bathroom encounters.
  • Mirror Luxe Hera 60" x 28" LED Bathroom Mirror is medium-large sized with muliple features including a built-in night light. As a convenience factor, there's a time and temperature display on the face of the mirror, near the bottom.
  • The LED strip embedded near the perimiter provides 30,000 hours of inviting, lighting with adjustable-color LEDs that can be dimmed downat any level, all the way to zero.
  • The LED color temperature is switchable from 3,000k - like a regular light bulb, to 6,000k - very close to daylight on a bright day.
  • Brightly illuminated with LEDs putting out 5,200 Lumens at 110 Watts. A built-in de-mister warms the mirror to keep it fog-free in a steamy bathroom.
  • The mirror glass is top-quality, copper-free, teempered, and with a 6-layer matrix keeping the glass corrosion free and safe. Plug it in or have it hardwired. Mount it horizontally or vertically.
  • A Power-Off Memory Control "remembers" your last settings. Come back minutes or days later and turn it on - your personal setup is exactly where you left it. 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty included.

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