Altair Anti-Fog Dimmable Bathroom LED Vanity Mirror, Matte Black or Gold - 3 Sizes up to 48"

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Front and rear LED lighting with touch sensors for dimming and LED color temperature adjustment to suit your mood. LEDs can be switched from 3,000k indoor lighting, to 4,000k office environment, or 6,000k, bright white sunlight. The glass of the mirror is surrounded by an acrylic "lamp shade" diffusing the light for intensity and softness. A touch sensor on the face of the mirror uses long-press for dimming and quick press for on/off functions. The glass is 5mm copper-free silver coated for corrosion resistance and a bright, clear image. Memory function retains the last settings when you turn the mirror off. An independent anti-fog control means you never need to deal with a steamy, fogged mirror. Matte Black or Brushed Gold frame, to match your decor.
  • Each Altair Apollo LED Bathroom Mirror has a built-in de-mister keeping the mirror fog-free even after the steamiest shower.
  • The LED color temperature is adjustable - 3,000k - like a regular light bulb, 4,000k mimics office and industrial lighting and 6,000k is very close to daylight on a bright day.
  • Touch-sensor long-press for dimming anywhere from 100% to 10%, quick-presses for color adjustments.
  • The mirror glass is top grade, 5mm copper-free, tempered, keeping the glass corrosion free and safe.
  • A Power-Off Memory Control "remembers" your last settings. When you turn back to the mirror hours later and turn it on, you'll be right where you left off.
  • 24" x 36" - 24 lbs. 2340 Lumens, 36" x 30" - 32 lbs. 2610 Lumens, 48" x 30" - 50 lbs. 3150 Lumens. CRI (Color Rendering Index) is at least 90
  • Mount Horizontally or Vertically. Mounting hardware included. 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

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