Aquadom Daytona LED Heated Bathroom Mirror - 16 Sizes to 96" Wide

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Aquadom's "Daytona" has everything in an LED Bathroom mirror that one could ask for. There is an automatic defogger to keep the mirror ready for use - no more blowing the hair dryer at the mirror or wiping it off. The LED lighting is controlled from the front-face control panel. Touch the on/off button quickly for the On/Off function. Hold the On/Off button the activate the built-in dimmer. The other button controls the LED coloration from Warm - like regular light bulbs, to Neutral - like office lighting, to Cool - like daylight. Each press of the button changes the LED coloration to the next hue. The sleek frame is made of anodized aluminum which can never rust or corrode and is quite durable. The mirror glass is 5mm silver-backed with polished edges. You can't go wrong with these mirrors.
  • Aquadom Daytona LED Bathroom Mirror in 16 sizes, each with a built-in automatic defogger, for crystal clear viewing.
  • Touch controls on the mirror face control include a Dimmer/On/Off Button and an LED color selector.
  • LEDs adjust by a tap of the touch control - from Warm White (indoor lighting -3,000k), to Neutral (Office Lighting - 4,500k) to Cool White (Daylight - 6,500k).
  • Aluminum Frame is sleek and can never rust.
  • Mirror glass is 5mm, silver-backed, with polished edges.
  • 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

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