Aquadom Flame LED Heated Bathroom Mirror - 4 Sizes

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Aquadom's "Flame" LED Vanity mirror uses Aquadom's Acrylight Technology to provide both front-facing and side lighting. The LEDs are illuminated at 6,500k, which is Cool White (White Daylight). The unique feature of the flame mirror is instead of a simple 1" or 3/4" illuminated halo surrounding the mirror, there are frosted "flames" through which the front-facing part of the lighting is emitted. Unique and attractive! In addition, here's an auomatic defogger for keeping the mirror clear after showering and a one-button On/Off/Dimmer touch sensor that works by quick touch for On/Of, and Long Press for the dimming function. The frame is sleek and made of anodized aluminum while the mirror itself is 5mm pure silver backed, with polished edges. A beauty for your bathroom, or for any room in your home or business!
  • Aquadom Flame LED Bathroom Mirror in 4 sizes where the LED lighting is emitted through the "flames".
  • The LEDs run at 6,500k - which is Cool White/Daylight. Acrylight Technology provides front-facing and side-lighting.
  • A touch sensor on the mirror face controls the On/Off/Dimmer function. Quick touch for On/Off. Long Press for the Dimmer.
  • Mirror glass is silver-backed, 5mm, with polished edges.
  • The Anodized Aluminum Frame is sleek and can never rust.
  • 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

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