Aquadom Edge Royale 1-Door LED Medicine Cabinet swith 3x Magnifying Makeup Mirror - 20" or 24" Wide

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Aquadom's Edge Royale 1-Door Medicine Cabinets can be recessed or surface-mounted - with recess and surface mounting hardware included. A frosted perimeter around the door-front mirror sends out 6,500k LED lighting at 810 Lumens with a CRI of 80+. The soft-close hinges open to 155 degrees. Inside the cabinet there are adjustable 8mm thick glass shelves. Open the door to find an LED-lighted 3x magnifying mirror that flips out and is vertically adjustable for easy viewing - and it's detachable. Also inside, there's a double electrical outlet. The door is mirrored inside and outside as is the back wall, and the mirrors are high quality polished-edge 5mm pure silver backed, for the best reflectivity. Lighting is controlled by a touch sensor on the door face what has On/Off/Dimmer functions. Short press for On/Off, and long press for dimmer functions. There's also a built-in defogger for keeping your cabinet mirror clear after a shower. Interior lighting is activated by an infra-ref sensor when the door is opened. More than you'd expect in a Medicine Cabinet.
  • The Aquadom Edge Royale 1-Door LED Medicine Cabinet include inside, a flip-out, height-adjustable, LED-lighted, detachable 3x magnifying makeup mirror.
  • Lighting at the "Edge" around the perimeter of the door-face mirror emits 810 Lumens of LED lighting at 6,500k (Cool-White/Daylight) at a CRA of 80+. Door-face sensor button functions as On/Of/Dimmer. Short press for On/Off, long press for Dimmer.
  • Built-in defogger keeps the mirror clear after a shower, and interior lighting comes on automatically, governed by an infra-red sensor when the door is opened.
  • The interior back wall is mirrored and the door is mirrored on both sides, and all mirrors are 5mm, quality glass, pure silver backed with polished edges.
  • Inside, there's a dual electrical outlet. There are also adjustable 8mm glass shelves. Order with hinges on the left or the right.
  • The frame is sleek anodized aluminum, The door opens and closes via the concealed finger-pull door edge - no fingerprints on the mirrors.
  • Recessed or Surface mount with surface nstallation hardware included. Overall dimensions: 20" or 24" Wide x 32" High x 5" Deep. ETL Certified 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
Feature Comparison

Aquadom Medicine Cabinet Feature Chart

6500k LED Lighting
Adjustable LED Lighting
Automatic Interior Lighting
Interior Electrical Outlet
USB Charging Ports (2)
LED Lighted 3x Magnifying Mirror
Detachable, Height Adjustable
Soft Close Hinges
Adjustable Glass Shelves
Digital Clock
Magnetic Organizer Bar
Royale Basic
Royale Plus
Edge Royale
Signature Royale

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