Cristal&Bronze Hardwired 3x Makeup Mirror - 34 Finishes

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Almost 10" in diameter Cristal&Bronze makeup mirrors are ustom made and hand-crafted in Chatau-Landon, France. Taltnted craftsmen create each piece individually to create a flawless work of art. There's a plain (smooth finish) frame, or a "pearl" frame for your selection, as well as 34 finishes. The mirror itself is are made from superior quality glass and backed with pure silver, with a magnification power of 3x. Actual diameter is 9.8" overall and protrusion from the wall is only 4.1". Illumination is via a 25 Watt replaceable light bulb.
Shipped FREE directly to you from the Chateau-Landon, France factory via DHL International Express in about 30 days for "A" finishes. The B, C, D, and E finishes require up to six weeks. No duties, taxes etc.
  • Cristal&Bronze extension mirror is custom made to your order, by hand, in Chatau-Landon, France and shipped FREE to you via DHL International Express.
  • PHOTO is for reference only. Please refer to the description and title for actual finish and. 34 Finishes available in either smooth (plain) trim or "pearl" trim.
  • The mirror is on extra-high-quality mirror glass, with pure silver backing for bright, crisp, clear images. 9.8" (250mm) mirror section diameter, and projection from the wall 4.1" (185mm).
  • The mounting plate, at 3.1" Diameter is smaller than most electrical boxes but can be accommodated with a 2.75" box or concealing drywall work.
  • Head and stand are plated solid brass - impossible to rust - with an impeccable finish applied. An articulation ball joint on the short extension arm allows for horizontal and vertical "aiming" of the mirror.
  • 34 Finishes available. "A" finishes ship in about 30 days. Other finishes rquire up to six weeks or more. 1-Year manufacturer's warranty.

30+ Cristal&Bronze Finishes

Cristal&Bronze Finishes

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