Electric Mirror Eyla LED Bathroom Mirror with Optional Keen Dimming Technology

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Electric Mirror's Eyla LED bathroom mirror is brightly front-lit via slim rounded-end diffused surround, providing forward-facing task lighting and a subdued and ambient room glow. OmegaMirror corrosion-resistant lead-free-, copper-free glass is used for exceptional durability. LED front-facing illumination is at 3,000k with a CRI of 90+. Optionally available with Keen dimming technology. 7-year Limited Warranty.

    Four Sizes:
  • 24" x 36" High x 1.75" deep - 5,280 Lumens, 75 Watts
  • 36" x 36" high x 1.75" deep - 6,720 Lumens, 96 Watts
  • 48" x 36" high x 1.75" deep - 8,160 Lumens, 116 Watts
  • 60" x 36" high x 1.75" deep - 9,600 Lumens, 137 Watts
  • Electric Mirror's Eyla and Eyla+AVA mirrors use lead-free corrosion resistant Omega-Mirror Glass. The mirror glass and is safety-backed and the entire assembly meets UL and cUL standards
  • The replaceable LEDs have a 124,000 hour life rating - and run at 3,000 degrees Kelvin - matching your lndoor lighting - CRI 90+.
  • Ordered without Keen Technology, the Eyla LED mirror is dimmable with a forward-phase wall-switch dimmer.
  • Keen Technology lets you alter the lighting intensity via simple and elegant touch-dimming.
  • Four sizes, all 36" High x 1.75" Deep. Widths: 24", 36", 48" and 60".
  • Shipped Free. 7-year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty.
Keenâ„¢ Technology
Keen™ Technology - Ideally Suited to California's Adaptive Lighting Energy Standards
Electric Mirror's Keen™ product means lighting that dims automatically when it's not needed and when in use four levels of dimming are possible with a simple touch.. The energy savings savings from adaptive lighting is so significant that California now requires it in new construction.
Keen automatic lighting dimming
Keen™ one-touch dimming offers the latest and smartest eco-friendly dimming experience. One touch gives you instant access to one of four pre-set lighting levels.
  • 100% - Bright lighting for help with tasks.
  • 66% - Standard illumination for your room.
  • 25% - Soft, atmospheric, relaxing lighting.
  • 1.5% - Night lighting for safe guidance in the darkness.
Automatic diimming occurs at one hour of non-use, protecting the environment even when you forget to turn the lights down. The average reduction in energy consumption is 60% - an automatic big impact.

The Richest Dimming Experience:
Keen’s thoughtful design provides a complete range of light levels to satisfy your every lighting need. Plus, the innovative engineering makes interacting with Keen a luxurious experience:
• The intuitive interface is seamlessly integrated into the mirror, offering a sleek and beautiful design.

• Lighting initiates at full brightness and dims down and back up by touching and holding the Keen icon.

• Night Glow mode provides just enough lighting to safely guide you when the room is dark, and the Eye-Sensitivity Adjustment technology automatically reduces the light level as your eyes adjust to low light.
One touch dimming control

The intelligent sensor in Keen™ supports the environment, dimming your lighted mirror after an hour of non-use while also reducing your energy consumption by an aver of 60% - a big and automatic impact.
Automatic and self-controlled dimming

About Electric Mirror
Electric Mirror is leader, globally, in Lighted Mirrors and Mirror TV Technologyâ„¢. They have been serving hospitality and residential customers for over sixteen years with product lines that include Lighted Mirrors,The Electric Mirror Company Mirror TVs, Waterproof TVs, Mirrored Cabinets, Corridor Lighting, Wardrobe Mirrors, and Makeup Mirrors.  Electric Mirror's mirrors are sold in every continent and in scores of countries around the world.

Selecting Electric Mirror, you can take an important step in reducing your carbon footprint and at the same time, beautifying the world in which we live.  The Electric Mirror commitment to the environment has given rise to their Beautiful World™ Initiative comprising environmentally-friendly technologies that result in products that cut energy costs and maintenance requirements.

Electric Mirror's makeup mirrors easily communicate their flawless luxury to discerning homeowners and hotel guests around the world.

Headquartered in Everett, WA, Electric Mirror employs over 350 individuals.

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