Jerdon 5x LED 8.5" Square LED Makeup Mirror with Brass Construction has Touch Controls

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Jerdon's square makeup mirror has a solid brass frame. The brass frame makes this mirror suitable for use in or near steam room or similar extra-most area because brass cannot rust. The brass itself is beautifully plated in Polished Chrome. The magnification power is 5x and LEDs surround the perimeter. The color temperature of the LEDs is 5,000 degrees Kelvin - very close to the color of daylight on a blue sky day. The dimming and on/of touch sensor controls are on the mirror face.
  • Jerdon solid brass construction free standing vanity mirror with 5x magnification is beautifully plated in Polished Chrome.
  • The embedded LEDs running around the perimeter have a 5,000 degree Kelvin color temperature - very close to the color of daylight on a blue sky day.
  • Both the On/Off and dimmer controls are touch sensors on the face of the mirror.
  • 8.5" x 8.5" with adjustable tilt. Overall measurements are 8.5" Wide x 16.5" High x 5" Deep. The power cord is 6'5".
  • UL listed in the US and Canada. 1-Year manufacturer's warranty.
L.E.D. Facts

LED Quick Facts
LED stands for Light Emitting Diode
Reduced Energy Use

• LED Lighted Mirrors Use Tiny Amounts of Electricity
• Emitting the equivalent amount of light, LEDs typically use 50% of the electricity
consumed by a fluorescent bulb and about 17% of the electricity
consumed by an incandescent (regular) bulb.

Light for a LIFETIME?   LEDs operate an average of 50,000 hours.

• Standard incandescent bulbs operate an average of 1,500 hours
• Standard fluorescent bulbs operate an average of 8,000 hours
• LEDs operate an average of 50,000 hours.

• 33 times as long as a standard incandescent bulb.
• 6.25 times as long as a standard fluorescent bulb.
• More than 40 years of 2-1/2 hours of use, every single day.

Almost No Heat Generation

•Incandescent bulbs get hot quickly and generate lots of heat
•Fluorescent bulbs are much cooler than incandescents, but still warm.
•LEDs generate very little heat.

About Jerdon

Jerdon was founded in the latter half of the 20th Century - in the 1970's.  Although originally intended to serve the demands and needs of the hotel industry, the Jerdon Company evolved over the years to become a leading manufacturer and distributor of luxury beauty appliances and luxury bath products for the home.  The company is now called Jerdon Style which reflects its inspiration of elegance, relaxation, luxury and high quality.  Jerdon Style makeup mirrors are still found in the finest hotels as well as in cruise lines and luxury resorts all over the world.

Jerdon vanity makeup mirrors are perfect for both home and travel purposes, while Jerdon wall-mounted mirrors are perfect for the home.  The important parameters of beauty products include excellent lighting and magnification and both can be found in Jerdon's makeup mirrors; having earned Jerdon the Good Housekeeping award for the best overall makeup mirror.  Jerdon's microfiber spa robes featured by Martha Stewart and The Wall Street Journal have helped solidify Jerdon's leading place in the beauty and specialty bath industries.

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