Jerdon Large Round 3x Halo-Lighted Wall-Mount Plug-in Makeup Mirror

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UL Approved US & CanadaETL
Jerdon's large round plug-in make up mirror. Larger is better - and that's not just fluff.  99% of magnifying mirrors work on bent glass and by the laws of physics must present some degree of distortion.  The area of least distortion is the center of the mirror, and if the mirror is larger, the center is larger - so the area of least distortion is larger.  This vanity mirror has a large 9.75" diameter and 3x magnification power.  It's halo-lighted and it's plug-in so you won't need an electrician for installation.  The on/off switch is located on the mounting plate - not on the electrical cord, as many low-quality mirrors place it. &nbap;And twin extension arms bring the mirror out up to 15" from the wall, while it can fold back out of the way.  Finished in Polished Chrome.
  • Jerdon Style large-diameter halo-lighted wall-mount plug-in make up mirror finished in Polished Chrome
  • 9.75" Diameter. 3x magnification power. The large diameter of the mirror surface provudes a less-distorted view than do smaller mirrors.
  • The switch is on the mounting plate - not on the electrical cord, as is done with cheap mirrors. Mounting plate diameter: 4.75".
  • Double-pivoting extension arms bring the mirror out up to 15" from the wall and let it fold back out of the way.
  • UL approved US and Canada. 1-Year manufacturer's warranty.
Hardwire Installation

Electrician's Hardwired Makeup Mirror Mounting Instructions

•  Hardwired mirrors should be installed by a licensed electrician in accordance with local codes.

•  We strongly recommended that installation only be done when the mirror itself is present, and the actual user is available, in order to set the most convenient mounting height.

•  Install a 4" octagon box on a GFCI line or on a line where a GFCI outlet is installed, or both.  The box should be flush with the mounting surface at a height determined by the user.  The box should be capable of supporting 15 lbs.  The mirror doesn't weigh 15 lbs., but remember it may be on an arm as long as 20".  Note that the center of the mirror is usually 1/2" to 6" higher than the mounting-plate center.   All of our hardwired makeup mirrors have the switch contained within the mirror mounting plate, mirror base, or mirror housing.  No other switch is required.  Also note that each of our single and double arm wall mirrors tilt vertically and swing horizontally.

•  Hardwired mirrors, once wired, are no longer eligible for refund.

About Jerdon

Jerdon was founded in the latter half of the 20th Century - in the 1970's.  Although originally intended to serve the demands and needs of the hotel industry, the Jerdon Company evolved over the years to become a leading manufacturer and distributor of luxury beauty appliances and luxury bath products for the home.  The company is now called Jerdon Style which reflects its inspiration of elegance, relaxation, luxury and high quality.  Jerdon Style makeup mirrors are still found in the finest hotels as well as in cruise lines and luxury resorts all over the world.

Jerdon vanity makeup mirrors are perfect for both home and travel purposes, while Jerdon wall-mounted mirrors are perfect for the home.  The important parameters of beauty products include excellent lighting and magnification and both can be found in Jerdon's makeup mirrors; having earned Jerdon the Good Housekeeping award for the best overall makeup mirror.  Jerdon's microfiber spa robes featured by Martha Stewart and The Wall Street Journal have helped solidify Jerdon's leading place in the beauty and specialty bath industries.

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