Keuco Elegance Toilet Brush Sets - with Crystal or Synthetic Receptacles

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Made in Germany
Keuco's wall-mounted Toilet Brush Sets give you a choice of brush receptacle types. One has a Crystal Glass receptacle for the brush, the other a Synthetic Receptacle. Both are replaceable. The brushes themselves have Polished Chrome handles. The Synthetic Receptacle model has a folding metal lid that fits over the receptacles. A spare brush head is included with either set. The sleek lines and superb quality of a Keuco product will pamper you and captivate you with its flawless finish and carefully crafted subtly curved. Finished in Polished Chrome.
  • Keuco's wall-mounted Elegance Toilet Brush Sets give you a choice of either a matte Crystal glass brush receptacle or a Synthetic brush receptacle. Both are replaceable.
  • Finished in Polished Chrome with a Polished Chrome Plated metal cap covers the brush receptacle.
  • Dimensions: 3-3/8" Wide x 15-3/4" High x 3-15/16" Deep. Corrosion-free mounting material for concaled mounting is included. Spare brush head is included.
  • Synthetic brush receptacle, with the Polished Chrome cap in place on top measures 5-7/8" Tall. The Crystal brush receptacle measures 5-1/2" Tall - the cap snuggles within the receptacle rather than over the top.
  • 5-Year Warranty, 10-Year parts availability. Made in the Germany.
About Keuco

About the Company

From humble beginnings in Germany in 1879, Historical Imagethrough a gradual metamorphisis and evolution until 1953, KEUCO was born. KEUCO has developed a reputation for excellent design, meticulous craftsmanship, perfect function, and extended longevity.

Today there are KEUCO plants in Hemer, Gutersloh, and Gunde and their products number about 6,000. The company is still owned by the original four families - de Becker, Remy, Himrich, and Knoig. Management is by Englebert Himrich, Managing Partner, and Hartmut Dalheimer and Manfred Normann, Managing directors. KEUCO Innovation
Excellent design, technical sophistication, and ease of use are hallmarks of KEUCO products. It's products must combine sensible functionality with aesthetic forms. Over 93% of KEUCO products are made in Germany at plants with highly skilled employees - yielding consistently high quality and subject to strict quality assurance measures and controls. KEUCO products have immaculate surfaces, perfect functionality, and are extremely long-lived.
From Hartmut Dalheimer, Managing Director
"To achieve the high quality we strive for daily, the most important factor is our employees. This is especially true against the backdrop of the many different materials we use - from wood to aluminium, zinc casting and brass, right through to ABS and glass. Paired with their willingness to always go a step further and adopt new technologies, the know-how of the employees regarding the various materials gives us the extra scope we need to focus on design. And that makes it possible to design unique products."

The Environment
Sustainable solutions is embued in KEUCO's corporate philosophy. The company strives to preserve both water and energy, both with its products and its manufacturing systems. Timeless aesthetic design and high quality contribute to future utilization of KEUCO products. An extensive supply of spare parts is maintained, further ensuring future-proofing KEUCO products. "We configure our processes so that they have as little impact on the environment as possible and conserve resources. We do this for the sake of coming generations." Engelbert Himrich, Managing Partner of KEUCO
Management Staff
Left to right: Josef Himrich, Kaul Keune, Hermann Bonner, and Eduard Baron de Becker Remy.

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One of the finest...

Keuco creates one of the finest lines of bathroom accessories in Europe.
We bring to America the exceptional line of Keuco Makeup Mirrors.
"Aesthetics in the bathroom is our passion. We are always searching enthusiastically for new forms, new materials and new technologies. A search for the perfect synergy of the sensible and the sensuous."
Hartmut Dalheimer, Managing Director

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