Kimball & Young 7x Upgrade Lens Kits for 745 and 945 Series Makeup Mirrors

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Upgrade your Kimball & Young 745 or 945 series makeup mirror to 7x. These 7x lenses and surrounds fit only the 5x side of the mirror. These are original factory-fresh parts. For compatibility: If your mirror is a Kimball & Young mirror and the model number begins with 745 or 945 this kit will fit it. Below is a complete list of models that will fit. If your mirror is not on this list, the upgrade kit will not fit.

    The kit will fit these model numbers, and NO OTHERS.
    Vanity Mirrors
  • 745-35-45 and 945-2-45 (Chrome)
  • -------------------------
  • 745-55-45 (Chrome)
  • =========================
    Hardwired Mirrors
  • 945-35-45HW and 945-2-45HW (Chrome)
  • 945-35-75HW and 945-2-75HW (Brushed Nickel)
  • 945-35-85HW and 945-2-85HW (Polished Nickel)
  • 945-35-135HW and 945-2-135HW (Brushed Brass)
  • 945-35-155HW and 945-2-155HW (Matte Black)
  • -------------------------
  • 945-55-45HW (Chrome)
  • 945-55-75HW (Brushed Nickel)
  • 945-55-85HW (Polished Nickel)
  • 945-55-135HW (Brushed Brass)
  • 945-55-155HW (Matte Black)
  • Upgrade 7x Lens-and-Surround for Series 945-35 and 945-55 Hardwired Kimball & Young makeup mirrors. NO OTHER wall mirrors.
  • Also upgrades Kimball & Young 745-35 and 745-55 series free-standing vanity mirrors. NO OTHER vanity mirrors.
  • The series is determined by the first 5 digits of the model number. Example: if the model number is 945-55-45HW. This series is 945-55.
  • REPLACEMENT LENS AND SURROUND ONLY. Main body, arms, stand, etc., are not included.
  • Surround in matching finishes - Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Brass, and Matte Black.
Final Plating Finishes

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