Krugg EXL LED Bathroom Mirror - 8 Feet Wide

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This bathroom mirror is a symbol of sophistication and sleek aesthetic style. It features high-quality copper-free, silver-backed glass that provides a clear and flawless reflection. The LED Backlit Mirror is both functional and artistic, offering task-specific dimmable daylight illumination for your grooming, hygiene, and dressing needs. With a built-in defogger mechanism, you'll never have to use your hair dryer to clear the mirror again. This iconic mirror is 96" x 36" high, making it the perfect focal point for any bathroom design. It can be hung over a double vanity, dressing table, or used as a stunning wall-to-wall application in a powder room. With its environmentally responsible features such as energy-efficient 50,000 hour LED lighting and convenient features like the defogger and dimmer, you'll save time and energy while enjoying the ultimate luxury in your bathroom. The defogger is a safe and innovative heating-coil pad that keeps the Icon bathroom mirror free of condensation, leaving it effortlessly clear and flawless. You won't have to waste time wiping off streaks or swirls, ensuring impeccable hygiene and dressing every time. The backlit vanity mirror with defogger provides the luxury and functionality your bathroom deserves. The EZ Wall Switch Dimmer and cool natural daylight features allow for easy control of light levels, creating the perfect ambiance, mood, and function. With a LED light temperature of 6,000 Kelvins, considered the best for bathroom use, you'll enjoy the perfect lighting for makeup application and shaving, as it provides great contrast between colors. Additional features such as perfect light and a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 90 or higher, ensure accurate color discrimination and the elimination of corner dark spots found in cheaper LED mirrors. With 3800 LED strips and waterproof drivers, you'll enjoy 50,000 hours of functional inviting ambiance, providing you with the perfect lighting for your grooming needs. This top-grade mirror offers a flex installation, allowing it to hang vertically or horizontally, making it the perfect addition to any bathroom.
  • Krugg XEL is a full 8 feet (96" wide). It's equipped with E-Z On/Off Touch Sensor Dimmer and built-in Defogger using safe, gentle heating coils.
  • 2-Inch LED strip around the circumfrence provides 50,000 hours of inviting, warm lighting.
  • 6,000k Color temperature is like daylight, with a CRI (Color-Rendering iIdex) of 90+, best for makeup application and shaving. E-Z On/Off sensor dimmer controls the lighting.
  • The mirror glass is top grade, copper-free, and backed pure silver for a crisp, clear, bright image.
  • Surface-mounting. Installation hardware included. Lififetime limited warranty. (1-Year commercial use warranty)

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