Krugg Icon ADA Compliant LED Bathroom Mirror with Dimmer and Defogger

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ADA Compliant
The concept of beauty knows no bounds, as exemplified by our Fixed Tilt Icon mirror that is designed to be ADA compliant. Made with the highest quality silver-backed glass, this mirror offers a clear, crisp, and flawless reflection, making it both functional and fashionable. With its LED front-lit design, this mirror provides task-specific illumination in a pure white color that is perfect for cosmetic, hygiene, and dressing needs, adding a touch of practical luxury to your living space. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, and our eco-friendly LED light source ensures that this mirror offers bright and energy-efficient illumination that will last a lifetime, with up to 50,000 hours of use. Convenient features like the defogger and dimmer not only save time and energy but also contribute to our goal of being environmentally responsible. We use only biodegradable soft foam for packing, which provides better protection than the Styrofoam used by our competitors. Our Icon mirror comes equipped with a safe and innovative heating-coil pad that keeps it free of condensation, allowing the glass to remain effortlessly clear and flawless without the need for wiping or leaving streaks behind. The E-Z ON/OFF Sensor Dimmer and cool natural light add to the mirror's functionality and ambiance, with the touch dimmer allowing for easy control of light levels to create the perfect mood and function. With a color rendering index of 90, this mirror offers great contrast between colors, making it excellent for makeup application and shaving. As an ADA compliant mirror, our fixed-tilt Icon LED mirror is perfect for Living in place-practical luxury, offering the added convenience of a digital clock. And with our commitment to energy-saving LED lighting, this mirror provides 50,000 hours of functional, inviting ambiance while showing your true colors. Using only top-grade silver-backed glass, this mirror is sure to provide a clear and flawless reflection every time.
  • Krugg Icon Oval LEDADA Compliant Bathroom Mirror - equipped with E-Z On/Off Touch Sensor Dimmer and built-in Defogger using safe, gentle heating coils.
  • 2-Inch LED strip embedded near the circumfrence provides 50,000 hours of warm, inviting lighting. E-Z On/Off sensor dimmer controls the lighting.
  • 6,000 degree Kelvin Color temperature is like daylight, with a CRI (Color-Rendering iIdex) of 90+, best for makeup application or shaving.
  • The mirror glass is top grade, pure silver backed and copper free, for a crisp, clear, bright image.
  • Surface-mounting - with installation hardware included. Lififetime limited warranty. (1-Year commercial use warranty)

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