Mirror Luxe 60" Mirrored LED Full-Featured 4-Door Medicine Cabinet

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UL ApprovedETL
Presenting the Mirror Luxe Medicine Cabinet — a symbol of refined elegance and modern design, providing a comprehensive bathroom experience that surpasses mere convenience. Its sleek exterior radiates sophistication, featuring 4 mirror-clad doors enhanced by a seamlessly integrated, adjustable surface LED task lights that tastefully frame the reflective surfaces. Bask in the radiant glow it emits while enjoying the practicality of the defogger and the functionality of the integrated time/temperature display. Say goodbye to hazy nights with the discreetly positioned bottom night light, ensuring clear visibility and comfort during your nocturnal visits. Within this technological creation, you'll find a sensor-activated LED light, illuminating your path with a touch of contemporary enchantment. Additionally, it boasts an ultra-convenient combination 110/120 Volt electrical outlet with USB ports, catering to the needs of your electric shaver, toothbrush, and other essential devices. Embrace the organization it offers, with three adjustable glass shelves, each 8mm thick, providing effortless access to your toiletries and bath items. The double-sided mirrored doors gracefully swing open, guided by the gentle embrace of soft-close hinges, bringing a sense of fluidity to your daily rituals. Notably, this entire ensemble possesses both UL certification and an exceptionally high waterproof rating, ensuring durability and peace of mind. Step into a realm where elegance merges with practicality, where luxury harmonizes with functionality—the Mirror Luxe Mirrored Medicine Cabinet awaits, ready to elevate your bathroom to an unparalleled realm of charm and convenience.
  • Mirror Luxe LED lighted Mirrored, 4-Door Medicine Cabinet with Natural Anodized Interior and time and temperature display on the mirror. Completely full-featured as if it were twice as wide.
  • LED Colors: 3,000k warm white, 4,500k cool white, 6,000k white daylight. 116 Watts, 3,455 Lumens, and completely dimmable. Interior 15 Amp electrical outlet and 2 USB ports. Integrated demister keeps the mirrors clear and fog-free.
  • There's automatic lighting that comes on when you open the door and an auto light underneath the cabinet. There's a automatic-off memory function and a 30-minute auto-turn-off for the defogger.
  • Recessed or Surface mount with nstallation hardware included. Front-surface touch controls for dimming, , defoggint and LED color.
  • Overall dimensions: 60" x 32" High x 5.25" Deep. Door Widths: 14.875" each. 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

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