Mirror Luxe Hermes Plug-In Variable-LED Heated Bathroom Mirror 40" x 24" High

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Discover the Plug-In Hermes LED Bathroom Mirror, brought to you by the prestigious brand Mirror Luxe, a true epitome of elegance and innovation. The size is 40" Wide x 24" High - landscape orientation - and bound to elevate your bathroom aesthetics. Embrace the perfect ambiance with the built-in dimmers, allowing you to adjust the brightness to your desired level effortlessly. The integrated demister ensures a fog-free reflection, providing clarity even amidst steamy showers. For added convenience during nighttime visits, the Hermes LED mirrors feature a gentle night light that adds a touch of warmth to your space. Enhancing user-friendliness, the mirror is equipped with a Power-off memory, which remembers your last settings, ensuring a seamless experience every time. It's worth noting that this exceptional LED mirror cannot be hardwired. The plug-in setup requires a three-prong GFI outlet. Elevate your bathroom decor and functionality with a Hermes LED Bathroom Mirror, a perfect blend of sophistication and utility.
  • Mirror Luxe Hermes LED Bathroom Mirror iis a Plug-In LED Mirror. LEDs are adjustable in color from 3,000k Warm White, to 6,000k Daylight.
  • An LED strip inset near the perimiter provides 30,000 hours of inviting. Note: The Heremes cannot be hardwired.
  • Specifications: Landscape 40" x 24" High, 53 Watts, 2,950 Lumens with night-light mode at 3,000k, Warm White.
  • The mirror glass is top grade, copper-free, teempered, and with a six layer copper-free matrix keeping the glass corrosion free and safe.
  • A Power-Off Memory Control "remembers" your last settings. When you turn back to the mirror hours later and turn it on, you'll be right where you left off. 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty included.

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