Smedbo 7x/1x Compact Rechargeable LED Travel Mirror - Matte White or Matte Black

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Made in Sweden
Solid travel mirror is not tiny - it's a full 4-3/4" in diameter. There's a 7x magnification side and a 1x (no magnification) side. The LEDs put out a bright 98.4 Lumens at a very white color temperature of 7,500k. The light comes on when the mirror opens and goes off when the compact closes. The mirror lighting battery (included) is rechargeable with the included USB cord. Matte White or Matte Black.
  • Smedbo 7x/1x Compact Rechargeable LED Travel Mirror. Two mirrors - one at 7x magnification, the other at 1x, or no magnification.
  • This is not a tiny compact - the diameter is 4-3/4" - plenty big enough for meaningful use.
  • The LEDs are very bright at 98.4 Lumens and bright white at 7,500k. They turn on and off automatically when you open and close the compact.
  • Matte White or Matte Black.
  • Made in Sweden - 10 year Warranty.
It's not an Acronym

What does SMEDBO stand for?

It's not an acronym - it's a Swedish word meaning "blacksmith".

"smed" = smith and "bo"= black, hence SMEDBO = BLACKSMITH

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