SMEDBO Shower Squeegee with Self Adhesive Hook, Stainless Steel or Matte Black

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Made in Sweden
Keep your glass shower enclosure and your shower walls clean with this squeegee in the SIDELINE collection from SMEDBO. It's wider than most at 15.75", significantly speeding up your task. The blade itself is pure durable black silicone and held by a stainless steel body. There are two finishes - chromed stainless steel, or matte black stainless steel. A self adhesive hook is included to keep the squeegee handy and off the floor.
  • SMEDBO shower squeegee made in Sweden with Stainless Steel constructiion.
  • Wider than most, at 15-3/4". Handle is 8-1/4" long.
  • Self-adhesive hook included.
  • All Stainless Steel in Matte Black or Chromed.
It's not an Acronym

What does SMEDBO stand for?

It's not an acronym - it's a Swedish word meaning "blacksmith".

"smed" = smith and "bo"= black, hence SMEDBO = BLACKSMITH

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