SMEDBO Sideline Collection 9-1/2" Shower Squeegee, White or Matte Black

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Made in Sweden
Keep your glass shower enclosure and your shower walls clean with this squeegee in the SIDELINE collection from SMEDBO. It's 9-1/2" wide - a convenient size. The way it's constructed, the hand-grip slot enables hanging on a hook (included) - so you needn't have it waiting on the shower floor. The blade itself is pure durable black silicone. There are two finishes - Polished White or Matte Black.
  • SMEDBO shower squeegee made in Sweden includes hook to hang on glass or shower basket.
  • Convenient center slot hangs on a hook, and serves as the hand-grip slot.
  • No metal - body is ABS plastic. Polished White or Matte Black.
  • Replaceable blade. 9-1/2" Wide.
It's not an Acronym

What does SMEDBO stand for?

It's not an acronym - it's a Swedish word meaning "blacksmith".

"smed" = smith and "bo"= black, hence SMEDBO = BLACKSMITH

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