Woodio Unit80 Drop-In Integreated Sink / Vanity Top

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CE CertifiedMade in Finland
There's muchto love about the Woodio Unit80 integrated washbasin. It's an excellent option for those who appreciate a sleek and modern aesthetic combined with sustainable functionality. In daily use, the Unit80 washbasin is a countertop and a built-in washbasin giving you a little extra space for those self-care items. The one-piece integrated sink/vanity-top creates a smooth, seamless, and contemporary appearance in the bathroom. The basin is designed with standard measurements that matches most bathroom cabinet frames on the market. See the drawing image for specific measurements. Incorporating maintenance-free material and single-piece design, cleaning the basin is a real breeze - all it needs is a quick wipe-down every now and then with a mild dish-detergent or soap. Accordingly, the basin is a great choice for bathrooms with high traffic. Woodio wood composite material is an innovative combination of solid wood and resin based adhesives - 80% wood. In everyday use, the Woodio solid wood composite material has the same features as traditional bathroom materials. Woodio products are manufactured in Helsinki, Finland, at Woodio's own factory with a minimal carbon footprint. Wood is a natural material, so please note that the color in the final product may vary slightly from the photos displayed. Custom made and shipped directly to you from Helinski via UPS International Express, in 6-7 weeks, often sooner.
  • Woodio Unit80 drop-in integrated wood sinks form the vanity-top and the sink in a one-piece eye-catching unit. A breeze to clean and keep clean, the sinks are 80% wood.
  • Wood composite of Finland Aspen combined with ultra-durable resins to create a super-durable sink that will last at least as long as a ceramic sink - and look beautiful at the same time.
  • 10 Colors gloss-finished. Natural materials are used and colors may vary slightly. Virtually unbreakable in regular use - and with a longer lifetime expectancy than traditional sinks.
  • Dimensions: 5.438" Deep x 32" Wide x 19.813" Front-to-Back. Wood particles used are 2mm Aspen. The Natural, un-dyed sink is also available made of 5mm Aspen chips. Quick and easy to install with sink-specific template supplied.
  • Custom made and shipped directly to you from Finland in 6-7 weeks. No taxes or duties. 5-Year Manufactuerer's Warranty. 100% Waterproof! Easy to care for. Quick to install.
Color Chart
Colors may vary slightly - a natural condition.
With one exception all colors are natural or dyed from locally sourced (Finland) Aspen.
Birch is natural, un-dyed Finland Birch.
Woodio Color Samples

A natural organic and harmonious tone of un-dyed Aspen.

A warm tone of white with a slight silver undertone

Root is a sensitive tone of dark brown with sophisticated earthy warmth.

Moss - a vibrant shade of green.

Char is an elegant charcoal tone of black with a hint of smoky blue.
Moss - a vibrant shade of green.

Arctic is deep tone of arctic blue with a tint of teal, just like the Arctic night sky.

A sophisticated shade of grey with blue and brown undertones – like rocky shores of the Finnish archipelago.

Berry is an elegant burgundy tone of purple with a touch of pink.

Natural Birch is soothing earthy tone of natural birch with a beautifully organic texture.

About Woodio

Woodio Wood Bathroom Sink
Form Follows Function

Woodio of Findland's craftsmen create sinks combining the best Nordic design traditions, using sustainable biomaterial in a contemporary manner. Based on the time-honored Finnish tradition of "form follows function", Woodio creates beautiful sustainable, and timeless designs. Locally sourced wood material is at the heart of all Woodio designs, beautifully emphasizing the expressive texture of the pieces. The collection includes 17 washbasin models, a towel hook, and a wooden toilet seat.

Made From Wood

The Woodio material and all Woodio products are made from 100% waterproof solid wood and resin composite material with UV, scratch, chemical and dirt resistant coating. Approximately 80% of the material is solid wood. Woodio material is far more impact resistant than ceramic materials, making it practically unbreakable in normal use. Woodio washbasins are maintenance free and their expected life time is the same as with any traditional bathroom materials – or even longer. A 5-Year Warranty comes with each product.


Woodio sinks are shipped directly to you from Finland via UPS International Express and are usually 2 days in transit. Sinks in the Core Collection leave Finland in 14 days or less. The other collections are custom made to your order and require 6-7 weeks to leave Finland.

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