Why are makeup mirrors returned?

Too  BIG.   Yep.  You read it right.  THE most frequent reason a makeup mirror is returned is because it's too big for the space in which it's supposed to go. 

From the tiny picture on the website, even when it's blown up clicking the plus sign, the image doesn't convey the physical size too well.  And as easy as we try to make returns for our customers, there's no avoiding the fact that it's still a bother.  To avoid all that, it's worth reading the "fine print" where the measurements are given (and they always are given), and checking the measurements against the space where the mirror is supposed to go. You won't be sorry.

What's the second most frequent reason for mirror returns?  Too much magnification.  Most people are totally comfortable and happy with magnifications from 5x through 8x.  It's when magnification gets into the 10x and greater range that people find them uncomfortable to use.  Why?  Two reasons. 

Reason 1 is technical - as magnification increases, the focal length of the mirror shortens.  In other words the stronger the magnification, the closer you must be to the mirror surface to get a good clear image.  At greater than 10x, many people find that they must be too close to the mirror surface for comfort.  At 15x magnification, the viewing distance is a scant 2 inches!

Reason 2 is actually brought about by reason 1.  The closer you get to the mirror surface, the less area you see.  At 15x you might only see your eye in the reflection, for example.

Magnification Approximate
3x Face, Hair, and Neck 10" - 13" 16"
5x Face and Some Hair or Some Neck 8" - 9" 11"-12"
7x Part of Face 5" - 6" 6" - 7"
10x Eyes and Nose 3" - 4" 3.5"
15x Eyes 2" 2"


 In short:  Measure for size first and stick to 10x or less magnification.

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