Miroir Brot Makeup Mirror Repair Guide

Switches can be obtained at a hardware store, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

Light Bulbs:  Scroll all the way down on this page.

To open up your Miroir Brot mirror to replace the bulb, glass, or switch, you will be removing the rim surrounding the glass, and the glass. 

To proceed, follow these steps:

  1. Carefully inspect the rim surrounding the glass and locate 4 tabs.

    Fig 1.  Locate the tabs around the rim
  2. Place the mirror face down on a table.  This is an important step because the glass is not attached and can fall.  You may want to place a towel or soft cloth on the table to protect the mirror finish.

    Place the mirror face down on a table, perhaps on a towel to protect the finish.
  3. With a small screwdriver, carefully pry open the tabs, one by one. 

    Fig 3.  With a small screwdriver, work each tab open.
  4. When all the tabs have been opened, the rim and glass can be removed.
  5. Now the bulb or glass or switch can be replaced.
  6. The glass and rim are reinstalled by positioning them carefully and pressing or snapping the rim into place at each tab.
  7. Test the rim for correct installation before lifting the mirror away from the protection of the table.

The light bulb is not a "special" French bulb.  By locating the numbers on the bulb a matching replacement can be found by doing an internet search using the numbers.  If numbers cannot be located on the bulb, you can still find the correct bulb by purchasing a bulb with with a base designated E12, E14, or E17.  Match the millimeter size to the size of the socket in your mirror. See the image, below.

Replacement bulb sizes for Miroir Brot makeup mirrors.