Cristal&Bronze Pantograph 3x/1x Extension Makeup Mirror

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Custom made and hand-crafted in Chatau-Landon, France, Cristal&Bronze's extension mirror is a work of art for your bathroom. Besides it's beautiful appearance, it has useful specification. It extends out to 15" on a pantograph, and collapses back to 2.8". Additionally, you can swing the collapsed assembly almost dead flat against the wall. The mirror section reverses from 3x to 1x (no) magnification, and the mirrors are both sides are made from superior quality glass and backed with pure silver. The pantograph itself is superior quality and doesn't sag and won't become "loose" with use. The mirror rotates horizontally 360 degrees and the height adjusts approximately 4" vertically, while the entire assembly swings through 180 degrees. Choice of 34 finishes in 2 frame styles - smooth or "pearl".
Shipped FREE directly to you from the Chateau-Landon, France factory via DHL International Express in about 30 days for many finishes. Some of the more exotic finishes can require up to six weeks. No duties, taxes etc.
  • Cristal&Bronze extension mirror is custom made to your order, by hand, in Chatau-Landon, France and shipped FREE to you via DHL International Express.
  • PHOTO is for reference only. Please refer to the description and title for actual finish and. 34 Finishes available in either smooth (plain) trim or "pearl" trim. The "A" finishes ship in 30 days or so. B through E finishes take much longer.
  • The mirror is on extra-high-quality mirror glass, with pure silver backing for bright, crisp, clear images. 7" mirror diameter (18 cm), overall height easily adjusts from 13.8" to 17.7".
  • The extension pantograph goes out to 15" and collapses to 2.8". The mirror flips over, from 3x to 1x, rotates, and the entire assembly swings 90 degrees left and 90 degrees right.
  • Head and stand are plated solid brass - impossible to rust - with an impeccable finish applied.
  • 34 Finishes available. "A" finishes ship in about 30 days. Other finishes rquire up to six weeks or more. 1-Year manufacturer's warranty.

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