Konkretus Custom Made DAL 04 Concrete Angled Above-Mount Bathroom Sink in 15 Colors

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Made in Colombia
Tihe DAL 04 above-mount bathroom sink by Konkretus has an unique and stylish "floor" that slants from the front edge of the sink to the rear drain area. The rear of the exterior of the sink, to a degree, mimics the slant of the floor, again slanting away from the rear top, down to the surface. Each DAL 04 is a custom made all concrete vessel sink, crafted by hand from vibrant, color-infused concrete that can never wear or fade. The result is an elegant, designer bathroom sink with a unique shape, delivered in 4-5 weeks or slightly sooner. Fifteen fashion colors for your selection. Having originated in Colombia, Konkretus maintains a passion for design and the immense potential of concrete to be crafted into exceptional pieces. They have altered the perception of concrete in the realms of architecture and design. The belief lies in the prospect of creating timeless and meaningful pieces for both the home and the city, where simplicity and emotional connection with individuals are the essential elements of good design. The power of wonder is truly valued, and the journey is enjoyed with every accomplishment, variation, and remembrance that simplicity is always the better option. Good design is the ultimate tool in transforming the world. The goal is to accompany people while they create cherished memories by crafting beautiful, timeless pieces.
  • By Koncretus of Columbia the DAL 04 bathroom sink with slanted "floor" and slated rear exterior. It's custom made from 100% concrete.
  • Concrete is made of natural materials. Pieces may have subtle differences in color, pores, texture or shine. Handcrafted in Colombia, each Konkrete sink is UNIQUE.
  • Carefully custom crafted by hand, each sink is slightly different - although very, very close to the photo. No ovrflow. Surface mount.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 15.7" Diameter x 4.3" High. 24.2 lbs.. Measurements may vary slightly.
  • Fifteen concrete fashion colors for your selection.

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