Smedbo 7x Rechargeable Round Makeup Mirror with Light - Wall-Mounted in Polished Chrome

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Made in Sweden
Rechargeable by Smedbo, this makeup mirror with lights is a wall-mounted 7x magnification mirror in a round format. It's LED lighted and 7x/1x reversible. The mirror is sensor activated - no touching required. It's cleverly done so that you don't have the mirror flashing on and off as you walk past. Only when you get close to the mirror, does it come on, and as you leave, it automatically shuts off after 12 seconds. The frame is Polished Chrome PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), a high-quality/high-durability Acrylic, and the flat articulating arms are stylish design feature.
  • Smedbo rechargeable 7x wall-mounted makeup mirror with lights in a round format.
  • 7-7/8" Round with an extension out to 15" and with flat articulating arms to make a solid and stylish presentation.
  • Unique sensor lighting turns the mirror on when you come into viewing distance and shuts off after 12 seconds of no movement.
  • USB rechargable - with battery and USB cord included.
  • Polished Chrome PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) frame - high-strength/high quality Acrylic.
  • Made in Sweden - 10 year Warranty.
It's not an Acronym

What does SMEDBO stand for?

It's not an acronym - it's a Swedish word meaning "blacksmith".

"smed" = smith and "bo"= black, hence SMEDBO = BLACKSMITH

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