Smedbo 7x/1x Rechargeable Makeup Mirror - A Great Travel Mirror - Black or Chrome

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Made in Sweden
Rechargeable and compact, the mirror folds flat on its stand, making in an excellent travel mirror. It's LED lighted and 7x/1x reversible. The mirror diameter is 7" - much larger than most travel mirrors, and the battery and USB card are included. Available with a Matte Black or Chrome swivel stand.
  • Smedbo rechargeable 7x/1x reversible LED makeup mirror with lights.
  • Can fold flat on its stand, becoming an easy-to-pack travel mirror. 7" Diameter mirror is much larger than most travel mirrors.
  • USB rechargable - with battery and USB cord included.
  • Polished Chrome or Matte Black swivel stand.
  • Made in Sweden - 10 year Warranty.
It's not an Acronym

What does SMEDBO stand for?

It's not an acronym - it's a Swedish word meaning "blacksmith".

"smed" = smith and "bo"= black, hence SMEDBO = BLACKSMITH

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